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Unique Minds take this opportunity to introduce the most advance and much needed concept in the field of education that provides solutions/guidance to parents and students on knowing the inborn level of Multiple Intelligence through Psychometric , DMIT and Advance Brain Gym & Nuerobics to enhance Multiple Intelligences.
This training program is much needed and boon for children with slow learners and low academic performance.
The need of this training program can be well understood in contrast with today’s scenario of fierce competition and limited opportunities; every child needs to be perfectly tuned to be successful in his life. It requires special skills and capabilities to grab the best opportunities available.
It is wide known fact that the Human brain grows rapidly from age of 0 years to 12 years and this is the time when a child learns to use their senses and academic activities such as read , write and other sporting activities. This is the age where a child is inclined to develop their learning style and tries to show their inborn talent.Unique Minds with their exclusive training programs has provided the complete solution to the parents to enhance the concentration , memory and focus.

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Advance Brain Gym
Career Selection Report
Child & Adult Behaviour counseling’s
DMIT Reports & Psychometric test
Music Classes/Academic Tuition

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