DMIT Test for Children ‘Unique Minds ’

While doing DMIT test for children we discuss with parents about their behavior and their day to day activities. It means this test depends upon parenting tips. In this test we help parents to understand the inborn intelligence level inside their kids. After getting the test result and on the basis of result we also provide counseling session to their parents that what are strengths of their kids and in which are they can grow or what learning style they should follow with their kids. This test are also very useful for teachers to teach their students. Bounding and relationship between kids and their parents also increased with this test.

Benefits of DMIT Test for Children

  • It tells about the inborn talent and natural habits of kids.
  • To know children innate abilities.
  • To know about the children learning styles.
  • This test improve the relationship between parents and children.
  • To know about the right way of handle the kids.
  • To gain the confidence of children.
  • After this test you can design customize learning style of kids.

Important Parenting Tips for your Child (3-10 Years)

  • In 3 to 5 years of age children are from Nursery to 5th Class.
  • This is time when children minds develop by 80%.
  • We should never compare one child to another as all kids having unique brains and skills.
  • Parents and teachers should recognize their area of interest and talents.
  • This is right time to enhance their skills.
  • Never force or pressurize kids for and particular task.
  • Give importance to creativity and Different activities. This will help them to improve memory and grasping power.
  • Make them teach and learn in the way which is their learning style so that they can learn fast and easily.
  • Parents should always take care of the generation gap. Children cannot be same as parent childhood.