These days parents are facing lack of focus and concentration issues with kids . They are so energetic , hyper active or always in some kid of hurry to finish task early hence making simple mistakes . Neurobicsmes or activities designed to stimulate the brain by using all 5 senses that results in increasing recalling abilities developing better focus & concentration in child. These specially designed brain games focuses on completing a specific task in specific time period without mistakes. These exercises tune there brain is such a manner that they complete their work in a specified time period without mistakes. For example , few kids are not able to complete their exam in specified time frame and loose marks and some are able to finish early but make silly mistakes and loose marks. So , with Neurobics we tune their brain so that if exam is of 45 minutes , they complete within time and with no mistakes . Mistakes will only not happen if kids are totally focused.
These games also inhanse self confidence level and congnitive learning abilities in child . It tends to develop such high level focus in kids that they dont get distracted by any movements happening near by .